Type: Graphic Design: Custom Lettering, Logo, Postcard, Vinyl and Sleeve
Year: 2020

The design for 3 Feet Deep Records’ second release includes the sleeve, vinyl, sticker, custom-made typeface, and an accompanying postcard. The postcard contains descriptions for each track and is included as a gift with each order of the vinyl. The overall design of the sleeve and vinyl focuses on a simple and clean yet raw look, continuing the graphic identity associated with stairs that is also the logo of the label itself. The typeface of “3 Feet Deep” and “3FD002” on the sleeve and vinyl is custom-designed for the record label that incorporates the geometric language of the logo to the letters while mixing together fluid curvilinear lines with orthogonal sharp geometries. 

The second release of 3 Feet Deep takes on a darker tone, bringing together clubby tracks that are centered around strong basslines. Pépé Elle picks up right where he left off with “We Ain’t Taking Orders”—a furious track built around multiple hefty basslines, crispy hi-hats and snares, and a saturated 2-step beat. The following track “Alright Then” is a consistent construction of soulful chords and rolling snares with an altogether simplicity yielding the floor to the bassline to rule. On the first half of B side, London producer Ollie Rant spans garage to jungle, sneaking in an array of sounds from an amen break to some cheeky strings, all the while keeping you on your toes in the best way possible. To close the EP, ZeroFG offers a slice of his dark garage universe: a low-frequency bassline, deep-pressure kicks, and shuffling hi-hats and shakers, altogether threading the lines between fierce and dreamy—perhaps an accurate way to describe the entire EP.