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Melis Ugurlu (b.1993, Istanbul) is an editor, writer, and designer of architecture based in London. She works independently and collaboratively on projects that span interior and furniture design, research and publications, and exhibitions and installations. Melis is a contributing editor of the Avery Review and collaborates with Territorial Agency. Previously, Melis was curator at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale, for the Pavilion of Turkey titled Architecture as Measure and led by Neyran Turan.




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Curatorial, Exhibition, Research

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Architecture, Interior

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Sloane Street Deli

Type: Cafe and Restaurant, Commercial
Interior designer
2021, completed

Selected Press: Surface Magazine, Elle Decoration RussiaThe Spaces Magazine

The interior design of the Sloane Street Deli considers the space thoroughly through its multiple elements at different scales—from spatial organization and flow to furniture and joinery, as well as materials, craftsmanship, and artistic vision. Programmatically, the design approach shifts the limited cooking to a fully operational kitchen, while optimizing the workflow to seamlessly bind operations to different customer experiences, such as a quick pop in for a morning coffee, take-out, or a longer stay and dine in. The spaces are intimate yet spacious for their intended activities.

Beyond the larger scale interventions in layout and use, the design zooms in and pays particular attention to the harmony between details, textures, and materials.
The earthy color palette of pale sage green, creamy beige, and blush rosewood tones are paired with wooden dining chairs, handmade tiles and fabric, and vibrant paintings. The space incorporates a rattan panelled bench and brass framed signages, both custom designed, as well as the display and storage cabinet and shelves that surround the interior. The walls that have kept the original white mouldings, an homage to the previous deli, are decorated with a curated selection of artworks from local artists. On the outside, the deli greets customers with red trimmed rich cream scalloped awnings that are also visible from the inside.

The new Sloane Street Deli, a location set to become a neighborhood staple, aspires to combine visual serenity, elegance, warmth, and flow through carefully considered elements of design. The project is by, and designed in collaboration with, Rawan Muqaddas.

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