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Melis Ugurlu (b.1993, Istanbul) is an editor, writer, and designer of architecture based in London. She works independently and collaboratively on projects that span interior and furniture design, research and publications, and exhibitions and installations. Melis is a contributing editor of the Avery Review and collaborates with Territorial Agency, currently on the publications of How Heavy is a City? for the 2025 Lisbon Triennale. Previously, Melis was assistant curator at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale, and edited for the Pavilion of Turkey, titled Architecture as Measure and led by Neyran Turan.




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Curatorial, Exhibition, Research

︎︎︎The Pavilion of Turkey, Venice Architecture Biennale 2021
︎︎︎Museum of Lost Volumes
︎︎︎STRAIT, SALT Gallery 


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Architecture, Interior

︎︎︎The Sloane Street Deli
︎︎︎Christian Louboutin, La Salvada House


︎︎︎Pliable: Bag as Billboard
︎︎︎3 Feet Deep Records

The Pavilion of Turkey 

Type: Installation and Publication
Assistant Curator

Honoree, BEST OF YEAR AWARDS 2021, Interior Design Magazine

Selected Press/Reviews: Metropolis, Elle Decor, Domus, Architects' Journal, Metalocus, Tracés, The Architects' Newspaper, Detail Magazine, Inexhibit, e-flux, ArchDaily, World Architecture, Açık Radyo, NTV Radyo, ArtAsiaPacific, Gazete Oksijen, Art Dealer Street, Miliyet Mimarlik, Daily Sabah, TRTWorld.

In light of the current climate crisis, what can architecture contribute towards a new planetary imagination of our contemporary environment beyond environmentalism and technological determinism? Architecture as Measure positions climate change as a cultural and political idea that requires a renewed architectural environmental imagination.

The Architecture as Measure project defines the planetary as the vast geo-temporal scales through which climate emergency accelerates. Presented through an installation, a website publication, and storytelling, the Architecture as Measure project for the Pavilion of Turkey at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia titled How Will We Live Together? focuses on the politics and nuances of the seemingly mundane aspects and sites of architectural construction, juxtaposing them with their respective planetary counterparts through geographies of material extraction, supply chains, maintenance and care in Turkey and beyond.

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