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Melis Ugurlu (b.1993, Istanbul) is an architectural designer, writer, and editor based in London. She currently works independently and collaboratively on projects that span interior and furniture design, research and publications, and exhibitions and installations. Melis is an editor at the Avery Review and was a curator at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale, for the Pavilion of Turkey titled Architecture as Measure and led by Neyran Turan.



Architecture, Interior

︎︎︎The Sloane Street Deli
︎︎︎Christian Louboutin, La Salvada House

Curatorial, Exhibition, Research

︎︎︎The Pavilion of Turkey, Venice Architecture Biennale 2021
︎︎︎Museum of Lost Volumes
︎︎︎STRAIT, SALT Gallery 
MA Thesis


The Avery Review
PLAT 6.0 Absence
PLAT 5.5 Re:License
CLOG x Artificial Intelligence


︎︎︎The Elephant in the Gallery
︎︎︎RSVP for Location
︎︎︎The Culture of the Ephemeral, Conglomerate, and Transient


︎︎︎Pliable: Bag as Billboard
︎︎︎3 Feet Deep Records

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Venice Film Festival

Foucault Lecture 

Josef Danhauser 

Ricardo Bofill 

Weisweller Secretary 

Hans Hollein 

Jean Prouvé

Peaches on a Plinth

Hans Holbein

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